Professor Messer's Nmap Secret Training Course - Security Forensics Training

The Industry's Only Nmap Training Course

  • Structured, Video-Based Training Modules - "Nmap Secrets" consists of eleven training modules, with over 3 and 1/2 hours of Nmap-focused lectures and on-screen demonstrations. Each module builds on the previous training content, and the video-based training allows you to learn at your own pace.

  • Watch Real-Time Screencasts - After the lectures provide you with a knowlegable foundation, we provide reinforcement of the concepts with on-screen demonstrations. "Nmap Secrets" contains OVER THIRTY live demonstrations with audio narration and video annotations. Important lecture points are reinforced immediately through video screencasts that you can pause, rewind, and watch over and over again. You're in complete control!

  • Read Every Word - Here's a feature that you won't find in most IT training curriculum; every lecture and every screencast is completely transcribed. If you work in an environment where it's difficult to hear your computer or you need assistance to hear, you'll be able to read along with every on-screen activity. The video lecture, training slides, screencast demonstrations, and transcriptions can all be visible onscreen simultaneously, and our course transcription will never get in the way of your training materials. You can even search through the text in a module to find any topic quickly!

  • It's Not Over 'Till It's Over - Every module includes review guides that highlight the most important points and provide additional information on details that weren't covered in the lecture audio. This review guide also consolidates useful web site and download links into a single point of reference for each "Nmap Secrets" module.

Boson Cisco CCIE Exam Lab Preparation Kit - Cisco Training

These products are based on Cisco's published objectives for the CCIE certification. Full objectives for all of CCIE's certification requirements can be found at Cisco's web site.

About the CCIE Certification

The Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) is one of the most respected high-level certifications. The exam certifies that the successful candidate has the skills and experience necessary to handle the most difficult networking tasks. Candidates choose from one of the following tracks:

  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Service Provider
  • Storage Networking
  • Voice
Certification is a two-step process. The first step is to pass a rigorous written pre-qualification exam. Step two is a hands-on lab.

CCVP TUC Quick Reference Sheet - Official Cisco Quick Reference

As a final preparation tool providing a review of TUC exam topics, the CCVP TUC Quick Reference Sheets complement official Cisco curriculum, other books, or other exam preparatory material. This digital Short Cut provides you with detailed, graphical-based information, highlighting the key topics on the latest TUC exam in a quick-review format. These fact-filled Quick Reference Sheets allow certification candidates to get all-important information at a glance, helping you focus your study on areas of weakness and enhance memory retention of important concepts.

The CCVP certification recognizes a candidate’s ability to create an IP telephony solution that is transparent, scalable, and manageable. Earning a CCVP certification validates a robust set of skills in implementing, operating, configuring, and troubleshooting a converged IP network. The certification content focuses on Cisco Systems Unified CallManager, quality of service (QoS), gateways, gatekeepers, IP phones, voice applications, and utilities on Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst switches.

Cisco's Cisco Lifecycle Services Express (650-393) - Actual test dump

Exam : 650-393 exam
Title: Cisco's Cisco Lifecycle Services Express
Updated On: 9/23/2008 Containing 143 Exam Questions and Answers

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Pass4sure Cisco CCNP Latest Dumps - 642-825 - 642-845 - 642-901 - 642-812

It is well known that Cisco CCNP certification training is experiencing a great demand in IT industry area. In recent years, the CCNP certification has become a global standard for many successful IT companies.

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Custom Built Computers - The Glory of Customisation

By Dan Ashton

We all know you can go along to your high street (or out of town) computer store, pick a package off the shelf and be home in 10 minutes. Sure, it will do the basics well, you should be able to access the internet and run straighforward programmes. But will it fulfill everything you need it to? Well here's just a few reasons why a custom built PC may be more appropriate.

Whether you purchase a custom PC,or build your own, you have the opportunity to have something unique. You also have the chance to have a computer that, despite being tailored to your specifications, should actually cost you less in the long run than the ones you get from the big national stores. This is because you have the ability to upgrade various parts over time, whilst keeping the same core PC. There are an endless amount of people who would be better suited by a custom computer. Here's just a few:

The Gamer. New video games constantly push the limits of what PCs can handle. Buying a store-bought PC fast enough to run the newest games basically means having to buy the most powerful and expensive one available. Consequently, lots of hard-core video gamers have custom-built computers designed to run games at optimal efficiency (and often at a cheaper price tag).

Gamers love speed. They seek out motherboards with fast system buses and forward compatibility (upgrading the CPU and RAM as newer, faster models become available). They stuff that motherboard with the fastest processor they can find and all the memory they can squeeze into it. After that, a powerful video card with its own graphics processor is crucial to make full use of the game's realistic visual effects. Those are the essentials, but nice speakers and two big monitors never hurt.

The Laptop DJ. Mixing your own music is increasingly popular, and a custom-built computer designed for audio engineering will perform better than store-bought, general-use machines. Like gaming PCs, a fast motherboard with a powerful processor and lots of memory is a good starting place. If you're on a budget, give memory higher priority. Next, a high quality speaker system is essential. The dinky speakers bundled with store-bought computers are inadequate for audio engineers, who need to hear subtle nuances in music on multiple tracks. At the very least, you'd want speaker systems with a subwoofer. At the other end of spectrum are high quality 5-point surround-sound speakers. Finally, to take full advantage of your awesome new speakers, you'll need a powerful audio card.

The Armchair Editor. If you plan to make movies on your PC, once again a custom-built computer gets you the most bang for your buck. Video editing and video game computers share a lot of hardware requirements, but with a different emphasis. If video gamers love speed, video editors love storage.

For a motherboard, inexpensive solutions usually have more built-in options directly on the motherboard, such as graphics and audio support. What this means is that it can be more difficult to upgrade in the future. Whilst they may be cheaper now, to keep pace with technological developments it is important that right from the outset you have the right motherboard. Generally you won't have a choice of a motherboard in a standard system.

The situations whereby a custom built PC is not just a "nice to have" but a necessity are varied, and the above are just three of those. - 18103

Data Center Outsourcing

By Amy Nutt

Data center outsourcing is something that has grown in popularity for a number of reasons. Many find that maintaining a data center in-house is not something they can do. They may not be able to do it because of money reasons or because of manpower reasons. Many times, the reason why the manpower isn't there is because the cash isn't there to maintain that manpower.

Due to financial and other restrictions, many businesses have turned to data center outsourcing. There are quite a few advantages to it. Although there are advantages to having an in-house data center, you may be quite surprised at the fact outsourcing can reduce overhead, therefore reduces cost.

Where did it come from?

Private data centers started springing up as a way to tell businesses, ?Hey, we have something affordable that you can use.? Basically, they let the business know that they had a service that the business needed. They showed how outsourcing a data center was more practical than the business having to maintain the equipment on their own. It also keeps the business from having to maintain a staff to take care of the data center. It is definitely a full-time job and it takes more than one person to do the data center managed services. That also adds to the responsibilities and worries of the business. In other words, that is just that much more that can go wrong.

Any business that is already managing their own data center can tell you how much stress is involved. If the data center fails, then their business will fail. That is unless they have some sort of disaster recovery plan that allows them to carry out their business functions. However, any data center meltdown can be quite stressful. Just imagine having to run around, trying to figure out what to do about a data center situation. Because your data center is a large part of your business, it needs to be in good hands when disaster strikes.

When you outsource, the company managing the data center will most likely have more backup methods than what you can imagine. If there is a power outage, they?re going to use generators to keep you up and running. If one generator fails, then they have another one to back that one up. They also have individuals constantly maintaining, monitoring, and fixing any issues with the data center. That means you're going to experience a seamless feed of data as you need it. The data center could be experiencing issues, but you would never know it because they have enough back up methods to ensure you will have no major issues.

The overall advantages

The advantages are pretty evident. In-house data centers just do not have the reliability and the economic feasibility as off-site data centers. There is already too much going on under the roof of the business. The business must focus on the overall function of the business. Having an in-house data center just adds too much to the plate.

So by having an off-site data center where there is a whole other staff that takes care of its operations, you?re able to focus all of your resources on your business. You don?t have to waste any of your resources on something that others can take care of for you for a good price. There is no getting bogged down with details. It all makes financial sense for your business. If it doesn?t make financial sense to you right now, think about having to purchase the equipment, maintain it, and hire a staff to take care of it. That in itself is something that you shouldn't do if you don?t have to. - 18103

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